Sustainability especially in places like Africa will only take place if you  have very deep respect for the local people’s culture and their ways of living and that if you bring them on the drawing table from day 1.

Hitesh Mehta

Hitesh Mehta, a dual American/Kenyan citizen, has over 33 years’ experience, having worked and consulted in over 65 countries on six continents. Hitesh is a Landscape Architect, Architect, Interior Architect and Environmental Planner and is a multi-International award winning designer with Awards in Landscape Architecture, Planning, Architecture, Urban Design, Creative Writing and Interior Design. 

His holistic multi-disciplinary firm, HM Design is currently working on socially and environmentally friendly projects in Ecuador, Kenya, Dominica, Nepal and Timor Leste. Hitesh is also an Adjunct Professor and the author of three books, including “Authentic Ecolodges”  by world renowned publisher – Harper Collins. Hitesh is recognized by his peers in the Academic and professional industry as the world leader in ecolodge planning and design. 

In July 2006, National Geographic Adventure magazine identified Hitesh as one of five Sustainable Tourism Pioneers in the world. In July 2005 he was named by Men’s Journal, a New York based Magazine as the « 25 Most Powerful People in Adventure » in the world. He has been featured / interviewed / mentioned in over 190 international magazines, newspapers, books, newsletters and blogs. 

Hitesh is also a Professional Photographer and a Hall of Fame Cricket Player from Kenya.

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